A Heart of Flesh

Your heart is important.

Ezekiel 36:26

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

What is going on in your heart?  On a given day what emotions do you feel? Label them.   As a child, were emotions and expressing your sadness, anger, or hurts encouraged? Made fun of? Discouraged? Handled in love?

The morning of my Bible Study in  “A Guide to Listening and Inner-healing……”, the importance of humans sharing their emotions and feelings so they can be healed and empathize with others was addressed.

Jesus was the perfect example of deep compassion, weeping over a friend’s death, and being moved with passion when dealing with the world around Him. Jesus was deeply in-tuned to the emotions of others and met them in that deep place–soul work.

That morning my husband shared a moving time in His Bible study with tears.  He quickly shared, “I don’t like to cry like this.”  I was able to share that being honest with his emotions with me provided deeper meaning–you shared your soul work with me and trusted me with your vulnerable places.

The author suggested that we seek God in prayer about our view of emotions, and if we consider it “bad” to feel.  Also, to ask God for a heart filled with passion so we can love ourselves and others authentically.  God desires for us to remove our fear of being connected to our heart–He desires a heart of flesh, not stone.  We sometimes believe that if we disconnect ourselves from our feelings, we can never be hurt again.  So, we strive to live like robots instead of the passionate beings God has called us to be.

I appreciated the balance and the humanness of the chapter.  It wasn’t a chapter for men or women, but for God’s children to be healed, so they can serve more effectively in their homes and community.

It’s not giving permission to rant and allow your feelings to control you, but to recognize them and talk about them in a healthy way with someone you trust.

Maybe your balance is too much feeling–you personalize events to the point of shutting down or over-analyzing with fear and anger. Our heart and minds are connected and both are needed.  Pray for Jesus to give you balance.  Jesus did not heal everyone during His ministry on Earth.  He also made a practice of solitude, rest, and prayer to be filled.

If you are embarking on a new ministry, I was reminded of this post from 2012–BE ENCOURAGED!

Marching Orders from Jesus:  Time to get ready!


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