3:23 A.M.

God is with us.  He not only cares for the big issues in our lives, but He is a personal God.  The God of help me find my keys, cook this meal, and clean my house.  I find myself incredibly moved by the personal nature of our Savior and Friend.  I’ve been sick with bronchitis.  A restless moment at 3:23 this morning occurred.  My thoughts and prayers turned towards a young lady who is so beautiful to me.  God spoke to my heart.  He shared that she will encourage your soul.  Out of habit, I turned to my phone plugged beside my bed.  I found a text from this young lady.  She was encouraging me and said she had been thinking of me.  The words she spoke were not only encouraging, but she added details and thoughtful reflection. Why would God tell this to my heart before receiving the blessing?  I believe it’s because He wanted me to clearly see that He is with me–it was His thought placed in her to be received by me. So many times in the Bible, God gave messages to others to be delivered to a person who needed direction or hope.

From this experience I’m reminded to never turn down a prompting to encourage others–it could mean the world to them and change their perspective.  And, that God cares about the details of your life. Even when you are coughing at 3:23 in the morning–He is there holding you.


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  1. Lucy says:

    Most reflective post!! I’ve been thinking about things very similarly! This is one of my favorite verses. A friend did it in calligraphy for me. It hangs over my work space to remind me of His faithfulness in everything!


    1. Lucy. It warms my heart to think of this verse at your work space. I pray God continues to show you His hand in your life!


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