Sunrise Cheese Grits With Shrimp

We were in Old Town Petersburg for dinner when we first had cheese grits with shrimp.  The restaurant was recommended by friends of ours–Wabi Sabi. (click on name to go to restaurant link)

My wonderful husband and personal chef has embraced the art of making cheese grits and shrimp!  While we were away on vacation we decided to make this savory dish for breakfast and watch the sunrise.  It’s perfect as a side dish or a one dish meal for anytime of the day.  Our middle child argued that you can’t mix breakfast (grits) with dinner (shrimp), but to us that’s what makes it available for any meal of the day.

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We purchased Quaker 5 minute Grits.  Follow the directions on the back of the bag for “smooth and creamy” grits.


Our Quaker bag had a recipe for cheese and grits; however, we have our own recipe.

When making the grits, the secret ingredient is chicken broth. So, use that instead of water.  My husband typically uses chicken bullion cubes to make broth. The grits directions call for salt when boiling; however, if you use chicken broth that usually has sufficient salt in it.  After the grits are done, add the amount of cheese that you enjoy and for the two servings 2 tablespoons of butter.  He does not measure–he just throws in a couple of handfuls.  For two servings he typically uses 3/4 to one cup of shredded cheddar cheese.  We also add a little bit of garlic.  You can use your favorite cheese and other spices like Old Bay.


Making the shrimp….

For two servings we use about 15 shrimp.  We typically get the shrimp that is raw but frozen and in the shell.  He likes easy peel shrimp.  Jumbo is best.

Before you cook the shrimp, peel off the shell but leave the tail on. (this is visually appealing)

You can boil, grill, or saute the shrimp.  This time we sauteed.  This morning, he used the bacon grease to saute and added garlic salt and Old Bay to taste.  Another yummy way to do them is to use olive oil, lemon juice, and Old Bay.

You saute until it turns opaque–you do not want any of the grey, uncooked portions to remain.  But…shrimp only takes a few minutes and you don’t want to overcook it.

Putting it all together….

Put your grits in a bowl and sprinkle Old Bay or paprika on top.  Fan your shrimp in a circle on the grits for a nice visual display.

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The nice thing about having the tails on the shrimp is that the eating experience becomes a little more interactive, honoring the Quaker motto:

 “Breakfast is a time-honored tradition–so don’t forget the grits!”


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