Bucket Grilling on the Beach

We purchased a bucket grill at World Market about a month ago.  It was on sale, and Parish had the forethought of our beach vacation.  He said, “I want to grill on the beach!”



Everything was skewered to make it easier to cook.  The best skewers for shrimp, which we also found at World Market, are the ones with the little tabs at the end.  They are bamboo, square, and flat.  You can flip shrimp over without them turning around on the stick.  We used the regular bamboo skewers for the scallops and the beef satay.

Scallops wrapped in zucchini

Use frozen scallops and thaw them out by leaving them in fridge over night.

Use a potato peeler, or peeling knife, to cut thin slices of the zucchini.

Wrap the zucchini around the scallops and place on skewer to secure.

Drizzle with olive oil and your favorite seafood seasoning.  The olive oil helps in the grilling process.  It helps it not to stick or char on the grill too quick.  It also keeps vegetables from drying out.

Zucchini is a nice alternative to bacon.  We were grilling on the beach and wanted something that would cook quickly. 

024 026 028


Thaw the raw, frozen, jumbo, easy peel shrimp by filling up the bag with cold water just before you need them.  It takes about 10 minutes, and you may need to replace the water once.  

Brush with olive oil and your favorite seafood seasoning. Lemon and Old Bay are always good!

Place the shrimp on the skewer. Here is what they look like on the grill: 

Fully Cooked Shrimp (more of an orange color and opaque)
Raw Shrimp–Just put on the grill (has a greyish color)

Beef Satay

We purchased stir fry beef that was already cut.  You can also purchase a sirloin or small London broil and slice thin.

Again, we placed beef on a regular bamboo skewer.

We did not put olive oil on the beef.  It was good all by itself or with salt and pepper, or your favorite marinade ahead of time.  

Steven Raichlen likes to marinade his beef with Asian spices–lemongrass, garlic, peppers, cilantro, brown sugar, soy sauce, and lime juice.  Check out his recipe on pages 78-81 in his book How To Grill.

029 064

Grilling it up

Because of the wind,  we dug a hole/pit to place grill in.

048 047

We also used aluminum foil as an improvised cover.  The bucket grill is more hibachi style.



We used the Kingsford barbecue bag.  It’s about 3 lbs of charcoal, and the idea is that you light the bag. However, we wanted to eliminate paper shards floating in the breeze, so we dumped the charcoal out of the bag. It lit just fine!



052 051


We cooked the scallop skewers first.  This took about 10 minutes.  They are ready when the scallops look opaque throughout.  Rotate or flip them once during the process.


Shrimp was next!  Shrimp is ready in about 8 minutes. 3 – 4 minutes per side.


Beef was cooked last.  This took about 8 minutes. Turn beef over once during the cooking process. When you put the foil over the food this helps speed the process up.


A handy assistant is helpful!


We finished our night with dessert–S’mores of course!


A fun evening was had by all!  Even Bradley tried the beef!


Although it took a lot of passion on my husband’s part, we appreciate his love for cooking, grilling, and most of all his love for us!  He enjoys creating memories and traditions.

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  1. Linda says:

    What a fabulous idea!!! I wish I would have been there with you to enjoy such a wonderful day:)


    1. Hey Linda! We are enjoying our family vacation! We miss you, too! It was so good to see you at Victoria’s engagement. We still talk about your VERY special gift. Much love sweet lady!


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