Because He Lives!

Keep it moving. Life is filled with twists and turns and unexpected surprises. My mom’s favorite quotes for me ring true

Bloom where you are planted.

Face the challenge “line upon line”.

When you have a day in which every category of your life seems to be a cacophony of questions and unresolved issues, you keep it moving.  After addressing the issues at hand to the best of your ability with God as your center, you move on “line upon line” and “bloom where you are planted”.

In counseling, your therapist will encourage you to make time to “contain” your issues within a symbolic or tangible “box”, and live.  Talk about something different, do something different, and most importantly engage with Jesus’ love for you.  If you are one of my counseling associates reading this, I highly recommend Lisa Ferentz for therapy techniques on this subject matter.  Her website:

This was beautifully played out yesterday in my home.  My husband and I had issues to resolve that could not be settled in one morning.  We discussed and problem-solved.  What do you do after that?  God showed me in a very real way.  My teenager decided to read outside.  My husband tended to the pumpkins to try to clean the mold growing on the leaves.  My youngest decided to study fun facts about the different states.  Each time she would read a fact out loud, she would quote Paul Blart from the movie Mall Cop –“Here’s a fun fact for you.”  That line has become a family favorite.

“Did you know Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote?  Why couldn’t women vote mom?”

A discussion occurred that took us all the way back to Adam and Eve and God’s perfect design for man and woman, sin, the different cultures, Susan B. Anthony, the women’s movement, and most importantly the God-given roles of a woman that we should never deem “less than”, or sacrifice.  Dad became involved when the question came up –“Why does the Liberty Bell have a crack in it?”

We did not stay in this state of simplicity–life happens.  Errands, disagreements, bills, unexpected turn of events……

Yet for one brief moment God showed us.  He showed us the importance of knowing when to pull away and rest or engage in your type of fun.  God reminded me that life will be crazy, but you got to keep it moving, bloom where you are planted, and do the next thing with His joy and confidence.  Most importantly, when you have a day in which you feel you did not win mother of the year, father of the year, or best citizenship award, you remember who made you “right” or “righteous” –Jesus.  His love for you.  His grace.  His mercies are new EVERY morning.

A sweet mom shared this on Facebook:

Tonight was one of those nights. The one where mommy has a “moment.” They usually follow a long stressful week and expectations are not met. Usually accompanied by telling children calmly to follow a direction 4 times and they still don’t do what mommy tells them to do. All I can do now is try again tomorrow.

One of my favorite hymns from my childhood is “Because He Lives”.  We sang this at my wedding as a congregation.  “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone!”

I was inspired this morning from a friend’s blog on marriage.  It’s incredible to see other families striving with their own personal God story.

I love you Jesus.  Thank you…

Thank you for the constant reminders of Your promises to never leave nor forsake us….

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