The Holy Spirit had impelled him to go to the Temple that day; and so, when Mary and Joseph arrived to present the baby Jesus to the Lord in obedience to the law, Simeon was there and took the child in his arms, praising God. Luke 2:27-28

How often are we impelled by the Spirit to go, do, say and a series of events takes place that our world calls coincidence, but God reminds us that He is at work–at work in the seemingly smallest of details. For God to accomplish Simeon’s dying blessing–to see God’s anointed King–much took place thousands of years before, and minutes leading up to the event. Mary and Joseph’s obedience, the timing of the impelled visit, the arrival of the couple to present the baby Jesus all provided the moment in which Simeon could hold the child in his arms and praise God!

Anna, a prophetess, was there fasting and praying–“She came along just as Simeon was talking with Mary and Joseph, and she also began thanking God and telling everyone in Jerusalem who had been awaiting the coming of the Savior that the Messiah had finally arrived” (vs.38)

Anna, never left the temple, but stayed there night and day worshiping and fasting, for over 80 years.  She came along just as…..

I’ve used that expression before, or something like it.  “I just happened upon…..”  “Just as I was about to leave……”  “You’ll never guess what happened…..who I saw…….”

To be at church on Sunday and hear this message about Anna and Simeon was no coincidence.  God had many little and big events leading up to my sitting in the chair with my family to hear Pastor Mark Jordan preach this message.  In fact, I had been listening to radio sermon on “Christmas Is For Children” the day before.  Pastor Mark shared that Christmas/Christianity is not BEHAVE! but

BEHOLD! Our lives changed….

Anna and Simeon beheld the Christ child and they were forever changed. Anna, after many, many years of waiting LEFT the temple to share the good news that the Messiah had FINALLY ARRIVED!

This Christmas may you come to Christ like a child, BEHOLD the living God, and be forever changed.

“We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift….This exuberant giving and receiving, this endless knowing and understanding–all this came through Jesus, the Messiah.” John 1:16-17 THE MESSAGE

Above is the link to an amazing message:  Christmas is For Children

I appreciate the historical perspective, the simplicity of his voice, and the gentleness of the music and message.



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