Love Languages

According to Gary Chapman’s, The Five Love Languages, we all have a love language that we practice and desire to receive. We love to be loved either through words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and/or physical touch.  The love languages are for any relationship–parent/child, marriage, friendships, and co-workers.  Most of us have a favorite with a close second.

Here is Mr. Chapman’s website in which you can take the love language test as an individual, as a couple, or with your children.

Yesterday, IN ABUNDANCE, all five love languages were poured into my home for my oldest daughter’s bridal shower. My family was deeply overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends.  When I was a young girl, I had an amazing mentor, Inez McKay, who died from cancer when I was in my thirties.  I will always remember attending her funeral and reading the Woman of Worth poem in her program. I read that poem as a woman struggling with my worth, and Inez, even in her death, mentored me.  Imagine your funeral.  What legacy would your family put inside the program?  If you pre-planned your funeral, what would you want written?

Not only did Inez, my mother’s best friend, find the time to love on an awkward teenage girl, but she left a legacy–YOU ARE A WOMAN OF WORTH!  So, from the work of the Holy Spirit, Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries was born.

What a gift to find myself 49 years old, over 19 years later, with “little women”–beautiful, joyful, courageous women of God, sharing in the love of Jesus together and with each other.

10362371_10204308516934021_3576496888921462617_n 10892014_10152684385585925_2233479973310961870_n

Not only did they show up and work, but they added special details that announced you matter to me.

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Pictures of over 7 years of dating, quotes from Spencer to Victoria, hand-made crafts from Samantha, flowers, …..

The food was like a feast that, for me, was so divine, I thought I was at The Wedding Feast!  It was the love of friends and family pitching in and bringing food to share.

11037698_10204308521574137_803797034247839249_n 11082560_10152684377630925_3861393921235060965_n

The first cell message of the morning was from Krista telling me to breathe and enjoy the journey.  The first knock on my door was Sandy who came early to create a beautiful prayer calendar and assemble Samantha’s guest goodie bags.  Her confident and fresh personality added just the positive energy we needed. Her laughter and love for my girls affirmed and hugged on this mother of the bride.


Melinda’s prayer and blessing……


Karen’s unbelievable words of affirmation over my life ……


Annie and Kaye’s constant love…..


The love of grandmothers….


Nursing buddies who remain faithful…



Sisters who give and support each other….

Valentina and Vivian with the Woman of Worth Group

My life is full of blessings!  The love poured into our home is still felt this morning as I sit in the quiet…..

Inez McKay’s Picture


I want to close out this post thanking someone who shows his love in abundance everyday–day in and day out.  I looked through my shower pictures and not a single picture of him was taken.  That’s his style.  He cleaned, mopped, vacuumed, baked four loaves of lavender bread, ate at a table with a bunch of feisty women, and later on that day went prom dress shopping with his beautiful 16-year-old.

017 018

Parish, who would have thought over 26 years ago, you and I would be here? Yesterday was a reminder that God is faithful, and we have family and friends that have mentored us, supported us, and because of them, we are blessed.


Philippians 1:3

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

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