What A Savior

Today was a beautiful day in worship.  What made it beautiful was obedience.  Going when the body and mind wanted to rest.  It’s been a season.

Obedience brought joy.

All around me was worship of a Savior who provides and restores.

I saw a sweet friend singing to her Jesus, and I know her God story.  It’s beautiful.  It brings me hope and joy.  I smiled with tears as she sang from her soul.

I saw a new mom with her sweet baby only four weeks old. How did this young lady grow up and become a mom before our very eyes?  I remember when….

The best was watching an 11-year-old hold his grandmother and “dance” to worship. They were swaying back and forth to the worship.  He was worshiping and pouring good love into Grandma’s life.

A diverse group of people all wanting to know Jesus and find His peace.  I pass the offering to a family that looks different than me, but realize we have so much in common.  We want more of Jesus.

I kiss my Polly and hug my Pop and Kaye.

God is here.

The message.

It brought answers to questions and a desire to study Ezra deeper. WOW!  Ezra is a book that truly matches what I’m going through.  God stories help us through our God stories.  God’s Word is LIVING AND ACTIVE.


A community agency has a need met by the Body of Christ.  A roof repaired so that thousands in Chesterfield can be fed.

Reading this, I am sure it seems common place, but I can tell you, that my cup runneth over!

Tired?  Worn out?  The rest you are seeking is in the Body of Christ.  Soak it up.




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