Homemade Bread

Oh my how she’s grown. Love this one…


Having access to Panera, bread machines, and grocery stores we have forgotten the fun of making home-made bread from good old-fashioned yeast and flour!  20 years ago my hubby and I started making bread from scratch after ordering our FREE cookbook from Fleischmann’s Yeast Company.  Below is a link for bread recipes that includes Fleischmann’s Yeast.


It took at least four hours for the entire process but WOW! what an experience for the family.  We are trying so hard to limit our television time and it’s amazing what creative things  you can come up with when you are not glued to the television.  

Hmmmmm……..  I was proof reading this and I had to add that this simple task is an answer to prayer.  As you know from previous posts we are praying prayer circles around our marriage and family.  Thank you Jesus for giving my husband the time, energy, and the change of pace to…

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