The Color of RED

A recent baby shower turned into an amazing connection of beauty and hope.  I met a wonderful woman, Susan. As soon as I came into the home in which the shower was taking place, my eye caught a richness in the art displayed in the kitchen area. You knew right away that they were originals, and that someone took the time to paint the unique paintings.  I asked the hostess “who”, and she introduced me to her friend, Susan.  We began to talk about dreams that take flight later in life.  She enjoyed art and painting as a teenager and through the years, but it was not until she was about 50-60 years old that she took a class and took a hold of her dream. She is now involved in her community art center, and she paints on a regular basis–her joy! I shared with her some of my “late in life dreams”, and how the risk of exploring them has been invigorating.

image image

Previously, the night before, I had a vivid dream. In my dream, my pastor and his wife were talking to me.  They had huge smiles on their faces and kept saying things like, “Anna, you are ready.” “You can do this!”  They had samples of my work, and they kept encouraging me to move forward.  The dream was so real, and that morning I took a huge step towards my goal.

Meeting her after that huge step was confirming for so many reasons. We talked in-depth about our life, dreams, and feelings surrounding this area of risk-taking, and we had a kindred spirit.

Sunday, our pastor spoke a powerful message on the color red.  It’s bold and represents the love of Jesus and passion. He took a blank canvas, which to me represented new beginnings, and he painted a red heart with a cross.  He is not an artist, but took the risk to paint in the moment –publicly.

Passion and purpose are developed and lived out when we take a risk. Was it perfect? No!  The beauty of the imperfection made the painting priceless. I admire the works of great artists such as Monet, but something about my pastor’s painting brought greatness down to earth. It made it possible for all of us to paint on a blank canvas. In the midst of the crazy, unpredictable, and confusion, we have clarity.  We really do.


God took this connection and work and gave me a word:


Yes, it’s part of the fruit of the Spirit.  It’s one that gets looked over because more of us struggle with patience and self-control. Goodness abounds in you.  I can’t explain the healing in detail–it’s supernatural. I usually feel good about something or bad.  God is showing me how to live within the hard, or the bad, and still see His goodness.  He is showing me that I can speak and react in goodness despite the unfair or injustice.  It feels good.  Praise God!  It’s the color red–LOVE: (by the way, my daughter Victoria just sent this to me via text while writing this post)


It’s simple and hard but freeing.  It’s the bittersweet.  It’s my Jesus in the eye of the storm.

Please check out this website for Susan’s gallery in Colonial Heights.  They have an open gallery night every third Saturday of the month for the community from 4 to 7.  Susan encouraged me and you to

“In your spare time between work, grand-daughter, life, etc. pick up a pencil and sketch or some cheap acrylics and slap them on canvas; it is really relaxing.”


Worship with me:

In The Eye Of the Storm (this ones for you Jodi!)





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