Are You Ready to Chase Lions?

Several years ago my husband and I led a Bible study with the college aged folks. The book was by Mark Batterson and it was called “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”.  Great book. I enjoy my Bible App which offers 7 day reading plans emphasizing certain book studies or themes. I started a new one today called Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson, which is based on his book he wrote many years ago.  This is a good way to see if you would like to read the actual Bible study.

Picture a warrior dude in the snow, traveling to his destination, when a lion appears. The lion decides not to pursue, but runs. Most of us would be like “Whew, thank God I was rescued from that scary, life-threatening situation!” And, to be honest, some of us would change our minds on the journey–re think the present situation, and see it as a sign of some sort to abandon the journey.  This is too hard and too dangerous, I’m done.  Not this warrior named Benaiah.

Benaiah chases the lion into a pit on a slippery, snowy day and lets him know who is in control of his destiny–his journey.  This man of God knew that once you spot a lion it’s only a matter of time that he sneaks up on you again, maybe with more lion friends, and you’ve become dinner.  Benaiah knew to stop and take care of business.  No messing around.  He may come out with more battle scars and loss of limb, but no enemy was going to stalk and scare him.

“In every dream journey, there comes a moment when you have to quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. You have to go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. You have to go big or go home.  You have to take the road less traveled or settle for status quo.  You have to bite the bullet or turn your back on your dreams…….You can run away from what you are afraid of, but you’ll be running the rest of your life. Or you can face your fears, taking a flying leap of faith, and chase the lion!” (Mark Batterson, Chase The Lion Devotional App, Day 1)

Yesterday my 12 year old was reading her new devotional book for Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries.  She paused and asked, “Mom what is divine intervention?” I find it as no coincidence that her question is found in my Bible study this morning.  As I explained to my 12 year old the difference between man’s doing and God’s miracles, I was encouraged and prayerful. I need divine intervention.

In my prayer garden this morning, I closed my eyes and imagined myself chasing a lion, but the lion was not an animal, it was my collections of fears and worries.  I can be busy enough to ignore or keep them at bay, but do I have the courage to flip the script and destroy them? Battle them in the pit.  Do I have the courage to believe that God’s plan for my life will unfold despite the reality I see in front of me. Can I chase the lion seeking to devour my children, family, and home and stand strong against the enemy.  You will not have my life in any area. You are done! Get out in Jesus’ name!

Wherever you are reading this post, I pray this over your home.  War Room is a great movie to change your prayer life and teach you how to chase lions.  Priscilla’s book FerVent is a must read for your prayer time.

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  1. Rose Jackson says:

    Hi, my name is Rose and I’m a friend of Melinda Clapp. She shared with me your blog & that you had been prompted to pray for our son who was just born, Brave Benaiah. Thank you for praying. I’m curious to hear what the Lord placed on your heart concerning our boy. You can email me at 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Rose for responding, I will email you right now!


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