In preparation for our WOW retreat this weekend, I had a moving experience listening to a speaker’s video. Leslie can’t be with us, so she created a video of her session for the girls to watch. Her topic is prayer; our theme is RENEW! I was instantly renewed in my prayer life after listening. She was honest about her experiences in developing a prayer life with just enough humor to remind you of our humanity. Prayer is not a lofty pursuit, but a humble, communion with our Father. I committed to wake up and practice some of the principles on prayer she suggested from Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent.  By the way, GREAT book to read.  I was deeply surprised not only to hear my voice, but also how God spoke to my heart during this sweet time with Him.  Honestly, I wondered, where do I start? After looking through all the church bulletins, pictures, and notes in my Bible, I thought, “Okay, Anna, get focused, and start from the beginning of the Gospels–Matthew, Chapter 1.  I confess, I skipped over the lineage of Christ, but I did remind myself of a few names like Abraham, King David, etc.  My daddy and I were talking the other morning and, at 80 something years old, he pondered why we overthink “the story of Jesus and His love”. We try to dress it up so folks will consider it, but the simple story of Jesus, all by itself, without bells and whistles, can change your heart. Here are my beginnings into my renewal in prayer. Thank you Leslie for your wisdom and passion for prayer.  I can’t wait for the girls to hear your video and be inspired!

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