Living your dream and taking courageous steps can be a little overwhelming. In our retreat RENEW we learned from our teachers to be filled with the Holy Spirit, renew our purpose, renew our thoughts, words, and actions, and renew our bodies–our temple. Often we hangout in comfort zone land or, even worse, stagnant station, because we fear and criticize. We fear taking a first step because we may look foolish or get negative feedback, and we are quick to judge the steps of others.

Peter walking on the water is a story told often, and our efforts to live our dreams courageously as well as encourage others can be found in this miracle. Chelsea reminded us that our thoughts become actions. Peters thoughts of courage got him out of the boat, and his thoughts of fear, while in the middle of his courageous act, caused him to slip. Now, we all agree, that if Peter had not slipped that story would be a little different. Somehow his humanity helps us.  It is true.  We take a leap of faith, and, we know, some leaps miss the lily pad.

lily pad

That needs to be expected and okay. I want a life filled with leaps, and like Karen shared, the confidence that Jesus will lift me up when I miss the mark, and friends to encourage me in the journey. What am I doing in this thing called life that not only can give a word of encouragement to others, but also stretch myself to consider new possibilities. Unlimited possibilities. The disciples in the boat witnessed Peter’s journey. I want to be courageous enough to step out of the crowd and go for it! It might be as simple as being courageous enough to start taking better care of your health, or, maybe, changing your career. We do not judge a leap by it’s distance or height! A leap is a leap. Leap on my friend!

Your leap just might encourage others to take a leap. When Neil Armstrong took his courageous step on the moon, we were awestruck! Maybe you wont literally walk on the moon in your lifetime, but your courageous steps are noticed by others and “mankind” is changed.


Let’s start a renewal of acknowledging the filling of His Spirit in us to do the impossible, the importance of communion with our Savior through prayer and reading His Word, the caring of our temple and breathing–live in the moment, the determined focus of renewing our purpose and thoughts.

Be refreshed, restored, and renewed….

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences.” Eleanor Roosevelt


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