We are halfway through January. New year, new beginnings, and #goals are being evaluated and processed. Did you have a goal for 2021? How’s it going? My husband and I have embraced 2021 with a fire in our belly. Well, I’m the belly fire, and he tends to be “I can make a spreadsheet for that.” We make a good partnership because I’m the list maker and idea person, then he comes along side me and creates, brings fresh ideas, and his perspective. Our areas of new beginnings are our finances, our health, and our 10 year plan. If you want something bad enough resources are there, and you take notice. Although we have been working, creating, and providing, I feel like I’ve been sleepwalking since March 2020. We are awake and ready to work beyond the day-to-day.

Sometimes when you set goals you look back and ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” or “How did we/I get here?” That will keep you sleepwalking if you don’t get past the regret and “feeling sorry for yourself” way of thinking. In my study, Pray as you go App, the word Metanoia was given as the Greek word for repent. It means “a transformative change of heart”. I like that! The study asked us to “change our mind” or “change how we see things”. How we see things matters.

Some examples,

I’m so much in debt I can’t see past the burden to see my future. I’ll always be stuck.


I can manage my spending, budget, and, if I have a plan, be debt free.

I will always struggle with my health.


I can choose what goes in my mouth, exercise, and care for my body.

I can’t plan for my future. I am too busy and the world is in crisis.


I can sit down and write out my 10 year plan and be purposeful.

You stand in victory because of who you are in Jesus. There is no lack or scarcity. I’m not talking about wealth or material items. You can have victory if you make minimum wage as a teenager or young adult planning your future, you are a young couple living paycheck to paycheck, or you are retired with a nest egg. Live your story with metanoia as your banner. Ask, “Do I need to change my mindset?” “Do I need to change how I see things?” How can my heart be transformed from anger, frustration, pity, or apathy to victory!

I have mountains to climb. This post does not convey the behaviors and actions behind the metanoia. I’m saying that to convey that I understand where you might be right now–desperate for change or something fresh and new to invigorate you. I’m going to share some resources that have helped us with our journey. Maybe you have other goals. Feel free to share your resources in the comments.


Reset your finances

Revisit your spending, saving, giving, and investing.

Make what you have work.

Do you really need that “thing” you just looked at on the internet? Look around. You probably can make do with what you have and save money. Live simple.

Be generous with your time, resources, and love. Each day we can give away kindness, a card, something to say “I see you.”


We are doing a combination of Keto and Whole 3O. Do what’s best for you and stick to it. We find that if we do click list shopping we save more money, and we meal plan better.

We mapped out a two mile walk and do this at least 3 times a week.

Virtual Yoga through Hot Yoga Richmond If you Google Yoga videos, there are many free yoga classes available. A friend of mine said Yoga Collective is a great virtual yoga platform (there is a cost).

Project Yoga has some virtual options. I did one on Thanksgiving Day that set me up for connection, peace, and love. They have one coming up on 1/19!

Join us on Tuesday

Return to the root of yogic principles as we meditate and practice as a community. We’ll offer a series of virtual practices from PYR Ambassadors that will help you calm and regulate your nervous system and maintain equanimity while you’re doing the work you’re called to do.


Creativity and Beauty

Start a new hobby! I love to crochet and my daughter is painting, sewing, and cooking.

Do small things for your home like new sheets for the bed, clean one area and give stuff away, rearrange a room and get rid of clutter. Picnics in your yard or bedroom for some fun!


Daily prayer and study with journaling. Sharing God moments with friends.

21 days of fasting and prayer The Chapel RVA

My current mantras

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

“It’s none of your business what other people think about you.”

“Where you are this moment in your mess and your journey is right where you are supposed to be.”

“I can live in my moment while engaging in metanoia.”

10 year plan

My 10 Year Plan

Podcast on 10 year plan

Student/Young Adult 10 year plan materials

This morning I woke up to a rainbow on my dad’s pillow. It’s a pillow made from his favorite silk pajamas that he wore often. The picture is the one from Victoria’s wedding of us dancing together.

I want to close with the word “notice”. Notice the beauty and the whispers of God’s love around you. Embrace them with great joy and awe.

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