Connect the Dots Activity

My youngest purchased a journal for both of us to work on then come together to share our entries and discuss our discoveries.

I was shocked by an activity that encouraged us to connect the dots. Seeing it on paper and the connections explained a lot about what is important to me, and how my work, spiritual life, and personal life all connect with intense meaning and purpose.

I created a worksheet for you to give it a try! I encourage you to purchase the journal for fun and thoughtful journaling. The journal is a creative guide to becoming your best self!

Your Brightest Life Journal, by Caroline Zook. They were available at Target during the holidays for only 5.00 dollars. The link is for Amazon.

Connect the Dots activity:

Once you download, you will need to click on enable editing at the top of your document if you have this feature turned on. Enjoy! Let me know if you need the activity sent in a different format.

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