Favor, Comfort, and Justice


It’s a sweet spot in life. There are times we have more favor than others. The promotion, the win, or maybe the dream realized. Daily favor is how you show up and do what you know. You are doing your job well enough, your relationships are reasonably going well, and you are in a known flow–not perfect, but you know what to do when you wake up to make things happen even if it’s hard. You got this.

People around you appreciate that you got this–favor.

Then comes an interruption and you have to decide will you get out of your rhythm and possibly “out of favor” with people.

T. D. Jakes in his book When Women Pray calls this “the favor trap”. Esther had lost her family due to a pillage of her village. She survived as a little girl and was raised by her Uncle. She was taken to the palace as a young woman to replace the queen who was banished. She left everything she knew as a Jewish woman to be the wife of a man who did not share her same faith. Through all of this, she eventually accepted her way of life as queen until an evil man in power decided to kill all the Jews. Her Uncle interrupted her favor and said, “For such a time as this….”

Esther 4:14New International Version

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

I love God’s Word. My mom and dad taught me how to apply the Word to my life. I thank them for it. Some will say His Word is outdated and antiquated. I see myself in Esther. I’ll never be queen of Persia, but I can understand her position of don’t ask me to “rock the boat” or step out of my comfort zone, and what I know. I get up and do this life. I can’t take one more change, one more hard.

“That is the favor trap, and it can be deadly for any person who has been fortunate enough to achieve success. Why? Because when everything is going well in your life, there will always be a temptation to elevate maintaining your comfort over fulfilling your purpose. This trap is especially dangerous for women today–the modern day Esthers. Take it from me: you won’t always have the right stuff. Sooner or later you will be tested, just as Esther was tested. Sooner or later your attractiveness and your confidence and your favor will not be enough to see you through (p. 126-127).”

In this chapter, T.D. Jakes shared a story that we don’t talk about too often. A story that was described as the “daughters of justice”. When the daughters’ father died, they fought for their right as women to secure their land and changed a law that forever brought justice to women in the future within this culture. What I loved about this story was how they asked. They did not beg or dance around the injustice. They boldly asked, “Give us property among our father’s relatives.” (p. 135) Yes!

We need strong women in this world. Women who pray and know that God can show up and do hard WITH THEM. “Passion alone will not bring an end to injustice. The world needs women who are strong in prayer and who are conduits of God’s strength and God’s tenacity and God’s passion.” (p. 136)

Just like you, I’m tired.

We can’t do this alone. I’m so glad God can take a tired woman of faith and still use her.

This message came right on time in my life. I hope you can find courage from this message to inspire you to move from favor and comfort to knowing God will fight for you in whatever you are facing.

My husband and I read the chapter together with the window open and a candle from a friend burning. I found great joy in connecting with my husband, listening to the birds outside, and smelling the candle from my precious friend. We prayed for her and her life story.

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