Powhatan Show Choir

It’s the last one! Over 18 years ago, we started the adventure of show choir, theatre, and music with Victoria Louise at Appomattox Regional Governor’s School. I was pregnant with Valentina when Victoria started 9th grade and was selected to play Annie in the Broadway production, Annie. She went on to play leading roles in plays like Grease and Cinderella. She was an amazing Fairy Godmother! Then came my vivacious Vivian Grace who danced and sang her way through Cosby High School. Her show choir won grand champions throughout her years. We followed the choir to Nashville, TN and her dad volunteered on backstage crew. Valentina Parish’s experience started in middle school when her local high school encouraged the younger generation to play roles in the high school plays! She played an orphan in Annie and the younger version of Fiona in Shrek. Her solo in Shrek brought such hope and promise of things to come! All three of my daughters went to speciality schools. Valentina will graduate from the vocal speciality center of her high school. We are so appreciative of the dedication of teachers who instill the joy of music into the lives of students.

All the years of dance, piano, theatre, voice, and the arts brought forth great experiences that will last a lifetime!

Best Performer of the Day! Powhatan Event

Oh how this year was needed. After two and half years of not being able to perform due to COVID-19, her Senior year was filled with great joy! She’s my last. My baby. All three girls moving out and moving on. There are so many words and emotions around this. For now, I want to rest in the jubilation that the music brings.

Pictures, Shout Outs, Awards, and Performance

Performance Only

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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    Way to go Valentina! I love your outfit in the photo of you holding the trophy!

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    1. Hello friend! It’s been a great adventure filled with lots of joy!

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