A unique stay

Parish and I love runaway therapy trips. They are quick trips to get away and do something different! I receive the daily Gottman Institute emails. Guess what today’s email was all about? “Does your relationship need more adventure?” After reading the article, we laughed and agreed that we both know how to have an adventure!

Here is our adventure itenerary!

A unique place to stay: The Jeff Hotel. We stayed in room 301. The host was responsive and shared the details on how to experience the hotel and parking which is free. You do have to park in a garage on Water Street so pack light or take a beach wagon for your stuff.

We walked around and visited the local shops and had dinner at Citizen Burger.

For breakfast, we had a wonderful snack at a local general store. They had homemade bread and a fresh salad bar! Many locals were there visiting.

It was great to just lay around the room watching movies, looking out the window, talking, and reading books. I love to think of my dear friends and pray for them. I’ll buy unique cards and write letters. They had a post office at the end of the mall.

The next day we checked out at 11:00 and headed to walk a trail at Kemper Park, visit Carter Mountain, and had a late lunch at Blue Mountain Brewery. They have the best pizza and a to die for view! We walked 4 miles at least! We also purchased plants for our spring cleaning of the yard.

We laughed, discovered beautiful new flowers and trees in nature, and rested. Parish found a blue bird! He always notices the beauty in our world and points it out.

On my lunch plate, I saw a little crumb that looked like “Nessie”. I zoomed in and took a picture. I sent it to Parish and said, “Tell me the first word that comes to your mind.” He said, “Nessie”. I laughed, “Yes! That is exactly what I imagined when I took the picture!” We do make each other laugh.

“Nessie on A Plate”

On the way home we sang all the old country songs that are silly. Artists like Kenny Rogers and Kenny Chesney. We laughed because we remember Spencer telling Victoria after another epic meal, “I thought I was only supposed to eat burnt suppers our first year of marriage?” You will get that if you know Kenny’s music. I love you Victoria and Spencer!

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