What do you see?

I’m not sure what to title this one. I’ll decide after I journal. Awhile back, I went to Highland Retreat for a spiritual retreat. I went by myself with tons of opportunities to read, create, sing, and walk in nature. One particular morning, I went for a walk that was recommended by the center’s manager. I did not realize how long and adventurous the trail was going to be, and, at one point, I felt lost in the woods.

Every corner brought something new and beautiful to behold. My current devotional talked about how God’s creations are as magnificent as all the moving parts of a galaxy to the minute microb in the soil. I agreed. How uniquely complex are the creations of our Creator. About 10 minutes into the 2 hour walk, I found a rock. It is about 4 pounds and, to me, looked like a home with a fireplace. I was determined to keep the treasure even in my lost state. Carrying the rock and not discarding it became my purpose along with nature, prayer, and discovery.

When I got home, I told Valentina the story, and how much the walk meant to me–to be lost in the woods in communion with God. Before I told her what I saw in the rock, I asked her what she saw in the creation. She quickly said, “Pip!”, our tuxedo cat. I laughed with delight as I saw the rock from a different perspective. I shared what I saw –a house with a fireplace.

How delightful to share our treasures and include perspectives of others. What do you see? Our lens of the world is so different from each other; however, we find common ground in the connection and the treasures put on this Earth to enjoy. Delight in differences and include perspectives that are different from yours. The richness of our experiences will increase, and, yes, be awkward at times. The awkward can teach us. The connection revive us.

I’m learning to listen more and fix less. Trying to stay out of judgment which is so hard because I want to control. We don’t have to fix every conversation or control it by speaking our mind. We can listen. How can we speak a word of encouragement, or simply state a boundary. I had a friend once share this thought–“There is a history in our hysteria.” Oh, yes, there is. That history does not have to keep coming back up, we can change. Pathways that fire together stay together. I’m creating better pathways in my brain around courage, compassion, forgiveness, and joy. I want the first response to be peace and perspective, not hysteria. šŸ™‚ I love you my friend. I hope you are reading this and realizing your influence in my life.

Valentina painted the rock to reflect our conversation.

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