The Goodness of God

I woke up at 4:00 in the morning. I decided to try to go back to sleep, and also toyed with the idea of just getting up. I love the quietness of the morning. Rest came. Up again at 6:20, I decided to check when the sun would rise. 6:44. I can make it. With PJ pants with Mr. Bubbles printed all over them given to me by friends over 18 years ago, layers, hat, gloves, coffee, and phone, I walk to the beach. The crisp air and the promise of the sun pushing the waves towards me, brings a renewed spirit. Hello little bird! No one else here with you? Don’t you love the early mornings alone with God? My blanket is slipping off my shoulders so I grab it just in time. I laugh at my way of just going–who cares what it looks like. This reminds me of my conversation with Roberta on should we or should we not wear PJs out in public, and I laugh. Well, Roberta, I did. 🙂 I decided not to listen to my mediation app, but, instead, to listen to the music and sounds of nature. Closing my eyes, my mind races a little and then I settle into a peaceful prayer for loved ones, our world, and friends. I see them in my mind’s eye and smile. And, then, the tears flow. You can’t put words to the presence of the Holy Spirit. He just shows up and washes over you like the waves crashing and the tide rushing towards you–over and over again He fills us.

I find shells in the sun. God’s glory all around me.

I share the sunrise with my daughter and a friend over Facetime.


My daughter shares that Tyra is picking up my mom to go to the parade at my granddaughter’s school. I sigh, and I’m filled with gratitude and appreciation.


I post on Facebook about the call to my daughter and see that you can put music to your post. I see a favorite song from CeCe Winans and connect the picture with music. Tears again.


When I get home to Summerwinds, I play the song and worship. My friend Sherol sends me a song called I’m So Blessed (Best Day Remix) over text. More opportunity to worship and sing.


A home to visit because a friend loves so generously. Her text from Iceland. It’s cold there–her picture is a beautiful waterfall. Mine to her is the sunrise. Her sunrise. God’s glory across the universe.


My little Adelaide sends her Gigi a video of her reciting her verse for the day.

She is sharing a verse about the Goodness of God! Yes! My song from the sunrise.


My friend Karen sends a picture and says, “You this morning in the sunrise!” It happens to be a shirt I got for her–it reminds me of her when she worships.


All my life you have been faithful. All my life you have been so, so good! With every breath that I am able. I will sing of the goodness of God.

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