Remembering Veora Pierce

After Aunt Shirley passed away, I connected with extended family through this blog and Facebook. Charles and Carolyn Hankins shared some memories and pictures for our legacy blog posts. I hope to sit with my mom, Louise Pierce Lloyd, to share some highlights and stories. Veora Pierce was my maternal grandmother. My first child, Victoria Louise, was named after the town she lived in (Victoria) and because her name means “Victorious Warrior (Louise).” And that she is! She is a powerful and vibrant warrior spiritually and lives her life in such a way that she is victorious! She could sit in Great Grandma’s lap before she passed away. She probably does not remember her, but it was great for us to have the memory of her knowing her with child-like love.

Great Aunt Shirley in the background, Grandma Louise Lloyd (Anna’s mom), and Great-Grandmother Veora Pierce. Veora was feeding Victoria Louise ice cream. I still remember that day. Victoria loved her great-grandmother, and she danced around singing and laughing.
Victoria Louise showing Great-grandmother Pierce her new tights.

From Charles:

I remember you singing the “Thank You” song for your Grandmother Veora Pierce’s funeral whom we cousins affectionately grew up calling “Aint Duck”.

Our girls sang that also at my dad’s funeral some years later.

Attached is the most recent family shot from this summer, showing:

Front: Katelyn (D3-8), Charley (D2-9), Deacon (D4-4), Bishop (D1-10)

Middle: Rebecca (D4), Emily (D3), Melissa (D2), Carolyn (Nanna), Allison (D1), Joseph (D2-12), Ronan (D1-14)

Back: Charles (Papa), Chris (D4), Joe (D2)

(Missing: Barrett (D1) and Eddie (D3))

Also including our wedding pic of us and our parents for reflections of the past.

Plus a scanned collage of your Aunt Mary which your mom shared the originals of which with us for Mama’s 90th birthday party and we never got to return it to her.

Give your mom a Christmas hug and kiss for us!

Merry Christmas to you and all your family!

Charles Hankins

When I went to find pictures, I also found some more treasures to post.

From the left: Uncle Eugene Pierce (Louise’s brother), Uncle Wayne (Aunt Shirley’s husband), Aunt Mary, (Louise’s sister)
Aunt Adell (sitting down) and Aunt Shirley (standing up) Mom’s (Louise Pierce Lloyd) sisters.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Charlene (Marie’s parents). Look at all the pictures on my mom’s wall. She loved displaying her love for her family. This was probably Christmas Eve. She always provided a time to gather on Christmas Eve.

Louise Pierce Lloyd with Victoria, and Anna Louise holding her first child, Victoria.

I love our first Christmas pictures with you, Victoria Louise. A small, humble Christmas in Gloucester, Virginia. Your dad was working for Peebles, Department Store. I worked for a local church as a secretary, Lighthouse Worship Center.

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