Readers! Our blog is reaching the world!

Below are the countries in which folks are reading our blog, Arrested By Grace.  I’ve been imagining someone sitting at their desk, or holding their Ipad at work researching more about Jesus or the topics we’ve discussed together.  Are they male or female?  How old?  Are they hurting and searching?  Do they need prayer?  So, whenever one of these countries show up as a reader on my world map on WordPress, I close my eyes and pray for them. 

Even if they were researching how to make butterscotch pudding and somehow came upon this blog, I pray God will just love on them and give them a Hope!  So, just know your comments, thoughts, prayers are connected to those around the world!  We really are neighbors.  Just think what heaven will be like.  So far the countries below are those that have participated. 

United Kingdom





Saudi Arabia




Lesotho Flag

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