While We Are Waiting

The Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries Bible Study group is studying Revelation. Last Sunday evening the passage from 2 Peter Chapter 3 was shared.


The day of the Lord is surely coming, as unexpectedly as a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise and the heavenly bodies will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be burned up. (vs.10)

Until that time God gave some instructions in the waiting:

1. Look forward to that day (vs.12) and look forward to God’s promise of new heavens and a new earth afterwards, where there will be only goodness.

I read a leadership article from a blog I follow on leadership. The writer shared that leaders should never seek a balance of past, present, future but to always be tilted MORE towards the future.  A leader may consider the past, deal with the present, but her eyes are fixed on the future.  It was not a Christian blog, but as a Christian I always try to think how to apply principles in a Godly way. Can you see where I am going with this? 🙂  Each one of us who love the Lord and call Him Savior are LEADERS  – we are Ambassador’s on this earth and our homeland is Heaven.  As leaders we are bent toward the future–our final destination is heaven. Our purpose here on earth is not complicated.  The world makes it complicated.  We make it complicated.  God doesn’t.  I highlighted only goodness because  thinking on only goodness makes me anxious for home.  Imagine…….only goodness.  Glory!

2. Try hard to live without sinning.

Are you like me?  As soon as someone says, “Anna, try very hard not to ____________” well there I go thinking and doing it.  Don’t worry!  Paul in the Bible had the same problem, and Paul was quite the missionary for God.  The only person who was without sin was Jesus.  We are not Jesus.  I know that is obvious, but some of us (me – don’t know about you) have this really hard time with perfectionism.  I know logically I will make mistakes, fail, sin but I can really be hard on myself.  Being hard on yourself to the point of you becoming God and condemning yourself is not healthy and probably could be called a sin!  I talked to God about number two.  He showed me this example.  When your child is trying hard to change a behavior yet still struggles do you kick them to the curb?  No!  You help them a long and cheer them on.  Acknowledge your areas of sin, actively move forward in a direction of change, and when you stumble realize that God will always help you a long!  He is not counting how many times you’ve sinned and keeping a log.

3. Remember why God is waiting to return.  He is giving us time to get His message of salvation out to others.

Who in your sphere of influence can you share Jesus with?  A person shared on Sunday at church a sentence her Sunday School teacher shared with her as a youngster – “Your life may be the only Bible someone reads.”  God may call you to specifically sit down with someone and share His Word, but more than likely He will put you in situations where living out your life is the testimony that draws someone to Jesus.

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  1. Cheryl Hamilton says:

    My thoughts went to a Doctor’s or Hospital waiting room. What do we do there? Some people are reading or pretending to sleep…but many of us are watching. We watch the people that come into that room and then we wonder about them. But….are we putting forth any evidence of who we are..do people know that we are Christians? How do we let them know? If we have to tell someone that we are Christians then we are falling way short. Remember the song…They will know we are Christians by our love……we should be acting in such a way that people notice we are different and want to know why. That old saying…Actions speak louder than words. It is way too easy to claim to be Christian…much harder to act like one. While we are in this outer waiting room…waiting to be called by Our Great Physician to come to Him in Heaven…let’s be sure that the others waiting here with us see in us something that will draw them closer to Our Lord.


    1. Cheryl,
      What a great visual. Any time I’m in a doctor’s office I’m usually very stressed and might not be at my best. I pray that when the going gets really hard I can still be kind, patient, and trust in God for strength.


  2. Toni says:

    Anna, I love this post. I can truly relate to #2. I know we all fall short and sin because we are not perfect, but I am so hard on myself when I feel like I’ve done something that is not pleasing to God. It seems like God forgives us more than we forgive ourselves.
    Cheryl I love what you said and I agree with you 110%. We don’t have to go around telling people that we are Christians…once someone has been around you long enough, trust me they will know/see. Here’s a saying that I’ve heard and probably have used “Don’t talk about it, be about it,” and my pastor has said “don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.”


    1. Hey Toni! I like that “be about it!” I do want to work more on my attitude when things are hard or someone irritates or hurts. I also want to have the courage to in a God like way stand up for what I believe in. If the opportunity comes up naturally, to be able to share God’s Word and His truth even if it’s not what the other person believes.


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