My King is Everything

Imagine Jesus sitting at Starbucks waiting for you to show up.  He knew ahead of time (actually before time began) that this moment would come.  He was on the way to have some dinner, but decided to veer off the path and head to Starbucks for a fresh cup of coffee with you.  You show up and see Him sitting there and a dialogue of compassion, conviction, and comfort ensues. Not only does He know your thoughts, your past, your future but He also lovingly guides you to a new life –a start over.  He sees you.  He notices you.

Jesus met a woman at the well and changed her life ( John Chapter 4).

Jesus Knows:

The small secrets of your heart,

The unspoken dreams of your imagination,

The unrevealed thoughts of your mind,

The emotional shards of your feelings,The paralyzing fears for your future,

The bitter resentments of your past,

The joys and heartaches,

The pleasures and pain,

The successes and failures,

The honors and humiliations,

The deeds and the doubts.

He knows all about you, inside and out, past, present, and future.

(My Jesus is Everything, Lotz, p. 39)


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  1. Cheryl Hamilton says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend time with someone who REALLY knew you. Someone you didn’t have to pretend around. You could express your true feelings…I don’t feel well….I really don’t like what so and so said or did. OR would it be so great. I mean He would know everything. You couldn’t hide your feelings or your thoughts because He knows us inside and out. Think about it…He is the ONE and only that we can spend truly honest time with and know beyond a shadow of a doubt He will still love us and accept us just as we are. I am so thankful that He loves and accepts me despite all my failings..


    1. Not to pretend. No pretense! AMEN! The great thing is that He would know what my heart was saying when I couldn’t find the words, or I was too embarrassed to share them. He would just know and minister. THE PERFECT COUNSELOR. AMEN.


  2. Reblogged this on ARRESTED BY GRACE and commented:

    I went back to this post. I read it again this morning and watch the video. Oh how I needed to hear and be reminded of how intimately our Lord loves us and knows us. I pray that you will watch this and rejoice in his love!


  3. charbelangia says:

    Reblogged this on livingspiritmassage and commented:
    This was very inspiring


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