Body Language

I  have so much to share! I’m going to try very hard to stay on this one topic but not sure if that’s possible.  There are other days to write, Anna! I’m the little kid running in the door wanting to tell the whole day’s events in 30 seconds! Remember my post on self-doubt? Oh how God used some pretty negative things spoken into my life to teach me where my source of joy, peace, and acceptance comes from.  I was having a little sleepover with my little girl, and she fell fast asleep.  I was wide awake, and I thought I would listen to a lecture on TED talk (I wind down in funny ways – I love lectures.)  This one caught my eye. Please watch the video after reading this blog post. As a therapist, I think this TED talk and her exercises would be awesome homework for someone who has experienced self-doubt, low self-esteem,  and trauma. That sentence is for my L.C.S.W. buddies! Let me know what you think.  If you need to go to another link:  It’s Amy Cuddy on TED, topic is Body Language.

It’s interesting how people with their words make you feel small. Somehow certain people have this ability to make or break your self-esteem in the moment.  We can pull ourselves together and move past it, but I’m talking about smack dab in the middle of the moment. Word spoken, ears listening, soul-searching, heart aching……

This TED talk meant the world to me because I find myself with arms crossed, hands on neck, curled up, head down often.  Why?  Most of the time it’s because I’m hunched over a computer, but other times it’s because I’m doubting who I am.  “I’m not supposed to be here”, said the speaker.  That moment.  That job.  That class.  That club.  You sit in the crowd and you doubt yourself and your abilities. You talk to yourself in your mind – “I’m not supposed to be here.”  The research she conducted was how your body language can teach you how to build confidence. You can practice body language that would create more testosterone (confidence booster) and less cortisol (stress hormone).

I guess I could relate to the speaker, Amy Cuddy, in some ways.  She found herself in a position to have to work extra hard and longer at tasks to complete them, but that did not stop her in fulfilling her dreams.  She talked about the word “fake” and how she felt like a fake.  She began to approach life with “Fake it until you become it!” vs. “Fake it to you make it!”  I hope all of this intrigues you enough to watch her lecture on body language and encourages you to practice positive body language.

So today has been good.  Body language was a small part of it.  I walked with shoulders back, head high, arms spontaneously raised high in worship!  I may struggle, but I know who I am in Christ and believe it until I become it! (That’s my fake)  Oh you just have to hear how years of struggle produced in her a testimony to give back to another hurting soul.

Also, in worship today what a joy to have hands raised with a body of believers!  I pray I can post again soon on the sermon because oh my goodness……GOD DELIVERED MORE ON THIS TOPIC IN MY SOUL!  He is truly connecting dots in this area!  Deeper still.  The sermon was titled “I Have a Confession” and in the first service at least 70 people went forward for prayer.  More later………

I’ve been teaching my girls how to raise those arms high and worship!  

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