How Great Thou Art!

As a mom the wave of time washes over me on sleepless nights.  How did I become 47 with no babies in my arms?  My children are growing too fast.  I was up late praying for them, crying (good tears of joy), asking God to fill this void I’m feeling of times gone by and rejoice in the future He has for us, for them individually.  It’s just a good old mama cry at about 1:00 in the morning.

On a snow day if a friend was not available, I would take long walks into the woods of our house on Walnut Grove Road.  There was this one snow day in which you had to drag your feet through the snow or walk like a soldier.  I was determined to go on an adventure.  I found myself in a field, and I decided to lay down in the snow and look up.  I had never done this and to my eyes the magic of all the earth appeared before my eyes.  The blue sky, the clouds, the trees, birds flying by.  The sound of the earth was healing and my back against the snow with layers of clothing felt like a blanket made from the very hands of God.  I was saddened as the snow melted, but any time it snowed that was my magic spot.

Today, I remembered…..SnowDay 043

Looking up I purposed to listen to God’s handiwork.

A woodpecker making his home..

A mocking-bird….

The snow is melting…drip, drip, drip…

The trees bearing melting snow is falling around me….plop on my cheek…

Children laughing…

The cold earth again my blanket…

The sun shinning on the trees…

The clouds moving against the bluest of sky…

Turning on my music the song ringing out is “How Great Thou Art” and all the earth is dancing around me….

How Great Thou Art!
How Great Thou Art!

SnowDay 047 SnowDay 045 SnowDay 044 SnowDay 040 SnowDay 038 SnowDay 036

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  1. tlpbiblegirl says:

    Anna. I LOVE reading your posts….so real, so inspirational, so beautiful. Love, Teresa


    1. Good morning Teresa,
      How are you? I’ve been praying for your family…
      God is beautiful in you….


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