After A Prayer!

After Job had prayed for his friends, the LORD made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10

The story of Job.  It intrigues all of us.  We ask a lot of why questions about his losses, wonder about his friends and their intentions, and, admit it, you wonder would God ever call you to have a job experience to that extent–loss of job,  loss of wealth, children all dead, and a hideous, painful disease.  He was able to keep his nagging wife. (gulp!)  That always gets me as a woman.  I’m just sayin’.

In a leadership book daily devotional, I read this verse and comments and I was astonished.  In all my studying of Job, I have never noticed this verse.  I remember more the extreme pain and loss, the horrible friends who made horrible comments, God’s rebuke of the friends and Job, and then “poof!” –it seemed all of a sudden his wealth and losses were restored.

Not a poof thing! AFTER Job had prayed for his friends…….

Remember these friends.  They were not very nice, but in their hearts I think they were thinking they were doing the right thing.  I don’t know the answer to that one in its entirety.  I just know that they did not come bearing gifts and words of encouragement.  Gosh.  I’m so there. Years of frustrations perhaps.  Moments of hurt at the office. A relationship that spiritually wounded you.  Just the world around us that seems so hurtful and volatile.

The Low Road vs. The High Road….

John Maxwell said, “Like all great leaders, Job refused to take vengeance or hold grudges.  Instead he took the high road. He interceded for those friends and sent them on their way.

Low Road 

Revenge and retaliation when wronged

Plays the same game to others

Guided by emotions; up and down

Reactive:  lives no better than anyone else

High Road

Unconditional love and forgiveness ( With healthy boundaries! “He sent them on their way!” I had to add that one!  Even Jesus had healthy boundaries…sounds like a good future post!)

Refuses to play games; lives by principles

Guided by character and values

Pro-active: lives above merely human standards

I wanted to highlight a beautiful consequence from this Biblical truth–peace.  You may be in chaos, but think of your days not spent on the emotional roller coaster of he said, she said, and then they……

Pray………..and watch God bless you with peace.

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  1. Toni says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna… AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. I say this not just for other people but myself as well. I just told a friend of mine last night that I tend to act based off of my emotions and feelings, so when I read this, it was talking directly to me and I sure needed to read this…Thank you so much for your posts…you are truly a blessing!!!


    1. Good morning Toni!
      Emotions and feelings are certainly a gift from God, but His truth, grace, and love is where we should operate from when making decisions. I try to remember that over and over again. You are a blessing too! How is Jonah Bible Study going?


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