Thoughts from Parish about Intimacy in Marriage

After a morning of worship and sharing Parish became weepy and shared this with me.  It was too good not to share.  Thank you Parish for your love, vulnerability, and your willingness to weep with me.

God has given man and woman an opportunity through intimacy to create an eternal soul.  The union in marriage is a mystery!  We create an eternal soul.  What kind of start in life do you want to give that eternal soul?  How will you provide for and nurture this gift God has given you? How will we protect them and love them into adulthood?

He not only gives us the opportunity to create a person, but a new soul.  It’s not just a physical coming together but a spiritual unity that creates a soul for eternity.  God’s Word says that the man and woman become one flesh!!  One flesh!!  We are connected spiritually in oneness.  A holy union created by God.  Anything beyond this is second best.  Allow God to revolutionize your marriage bed with His love.

As Parish and I have aged and pregnancy is not our aim, our union of one flesh is filled with the mystery of God’s love and His faithful hand in our marriage through it all.

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