Igniting the Spark

Romance: Have healthy discussions on likes and dislikes.  We typically express love in our love language, but is this the language of our spouse?  I highly recommend The Five Love Languages book!  They have a little quiz so you can know your spouse’s love language and pursue them with that knowledge.

KEY = Prefer one another

Do you prefer your spouse?  Pursue them?

Investment: Men desire purpose, respect, and to feel needed.  Women desire affection, communication, and commitment to family.  Are we investing in those things that build our mate up?

Intimacy IQ = 

Here are some good questions to sit and talk about:

1. How easy/difficult is it for us to talk about intimacy?

2.  What gets me upset in the area of intimacy?

3.  What generates the most interest for me?

4.  What are my needs?

Keep the spark alive with compromise.  NO COUPLE is completely the same.  We are different and fit together through healthy compromise, grace, and understanding.

Covenant of Commitment

“Love each other deeply (at full strength!).”  I Peter 4:8

Marriage Workshop, Cloverhill Assembly of God, Lisa Compton

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