No Categories….Only God’s People

One by one they came to share their story–each individual from a different culture, gender, and age category.  I don’t know why she made me cry tears of joy.  Her Muslim heritage and a father who wouldn’t talk to her, compelled me to count the cost for her and the tears came –I welcomed them.  As we worshiped to the song

Higher than the mountains that I face
Stronger than the power of the grave
Constant through the trial and the change
One thing remains
One thing remains

Your love never fails it never gives up it never runs out on me
On and one and on and on it goes
It overwhelms and satisfies my soul
And I never ever have to be afraid
One thing remains

In death and in life I’m confident and covered by the power of your great love
My debt is paid there’s nothing that can separate my heart from your great love

Jesus Culture ( One Thing Remains)

each individual is being baptized with family and friends surrounding them.  Everyone crying tears of joy for them.  We sing.  The Pastor prays over them.  The individual arises out of the water visibly changed–rejoicing.  I’ve never in a moment been so equally yoked.  I did not see Muslim, female, male, pastor, age ……no categories…..only God’s people.

I’ve never felt such love.

It was the unspoken theme–God’s Love.  The youth pastor got up and shared the same–He could feel the presence of God’s love.  A time of prayer was ushered in and chains were released and captives were set free.

I imagined the same experience at the Jordan River with John the Baptist.

On and On and On it goes….

It overwhelms and satisfies the soul….

Worship!  Awesome Video….

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