Abe, Measuring Sticks, and a Challenge!

“We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.” (Abraham Lincoln)

A yardstick is useful when measuring a floor for your new rug.  One inch off and you could have a problem.  My husband is excellent at eyeballing a room and estimating cost and materials.  It’s like he has this imaginary yardstick in his brain.  Me? Not so much.  There’s the other yardstick that I’m an expert–measuring myself and man.  Each day I get up and measure my worth on how well I think I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, and was everyone happy. Oh boy.  Then I have this other measuring stick.

I’m a ninja–out fit and all! I measure those around me.  It’s human nature–expectations of self and others.  Most measurements hold us accountable and keep us honest.  I’m okay with those.  However, what if we laid our sticks down and grabbed God’s hand?  I love the hymn–“He walks with me and He talks with me….”  In the moment of decision, offense, and conflict ask God–“What is Your will?”  Do we always know this right away?  No.  We seek God further but our minds are at rest–no self loathing, no irritable judgment.

Faith Walking….by Amy Grant

Well, it seems with you (Jesus)
There is something new
Every time I turn around.
Oh, I never really know quite what to expect,
But it won’t get me down.

’cause I know you bring
Each and everything
Just to teach me how to live.
And the secret of it all is trusting in you,
And the wisdom you give.

So say goodbye to the feelings,
’cause the feelings go away.
Say goodbye to the people,
’cause the people never stay.
And say goodbye to the future,
When it blinds you to today.
And say goodbye to the reasoning
That’s standing in the way,
Oh, we’ve got to break away.

Break away to be
Faith-walkin’ people,
You can’t rely on everything you feel.
Faith-talkin’ people,
We must discern what’s really real.
Faith-walkin’ people,
You can’t believe in everything you see.
Faith-talkin’ people,
Seems like such a mystery.

Amy Grant

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