Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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The stations of the cross at Ivy Memorial Methodist Church–

What a wonderful way to start Good Friday–remembering the Passover, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Cross, The Tomb……

Saturday morning we made Resurrection rolls and before we cooked them we each confessed what we wanted buried and gone so that on Resurrection Sunday we could experience new birth!

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Parish and I were able to go to Les Miserables–a great story of redemption and grace……..

We ate at The Thai Room–no one in the garden but us!!!!

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Happy Resurrection Sunday–heart-shaped cookies from Jean Jacques Bakery, a new Ukulele for Vivian Grace, a pretty pink ball for Nina, and a basket of love from grandma and papa! 🙂

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A cross from Grandma with Valentina’s rose…..

A beautiful card about granddaughters…

A beautiful daughter leading others in worship and Word this morning…

A sweet 9-year-old treasuring her gifts…

Last night being with Parish and enjoying each others company was healing.  Thank you Jesus for a time to run a way, love on each other, laugh, and watch an amazing play!

Les Mis is a great a play about Redemption and Love……

Thank you Jesus…….

I love you……

Headed to church to celebrate HIS LOVE POURED OUT!

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