Use Your Left Brain

Ever wonder why Jesus said come to Him as little children?  Remember being a child and a bedroom became your castle, your art work was hanging in the Lueve, and if you could catch that frog you might get warts, or maybe a prince?  Our fun, set-free creative side is our left brain and it’s on fire when you are young.  We grow up and our right brain takes over.  We become more fearful of what people think, the consequences of a risk taken, and we analyze too much.  God has BIG dreams for you.  He will show you great and mighty things which you can’t comprehend.  Jesus told us that we would do even GREATER THINGS………(John 14:12).  That takes your left brain to believe it. The same part of your brain that produces faith before the mountain moves.  Get in touch with your left side of the brain and be a child again–Dream……Love…….Laugh……….Ignore the pessimist and naysayers (they are trapped in their right brain!)

Close your eyes and think of your favorite childhood imaginative play, dreams, and allow yourself to be creative.  I had this insatiable need to create beauty after a long semester of using my right brain.  I went to Michael’s and bought card making items from the sale rack.  My youngest and I had the greatest time making cards.  No purpose, no reason….just making a card and mailing it to the first person who came to our minds.  Stop and notice, giggle, swing, skip, sing, open your heart to the beauty of God’s world He created just for YOU!  This is the gateway to allowing Him to move you into the direction of your dreams!


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