Are you a Dixie cup?

Imagine your soul has the potential to choose the capacity of a Dixie cup or a Cistern, or better yet–THE GRAND CANYON! When you wake up and face the day do you open your heart to receive the amazing love of God by offering a Dixie Cup? This visual inspired me. I may feel that I have nothing to give but what about allowing God to fill me? Out of your emptiness, do you come to him feeling unworthy of being filled with His wondrous love? This may or may not be tied to self-esteem. It could be a lack of knowledge or a lack of strength.006

You are worthy to receive His love in large portions and to be filled without the expectation of immediately pouring out. It’s true that love = action, but for just a moment think about how much God wants to pour His love into you through actions like a flower blooming, breath in your lungs, a bird singing, your favorite song, the smell of roses, a loving touch from someone, and in the silence of meditating on Him. He will speak to you His love and fill you up!

You are worthy of being filled beyond the visual capacity of the size of your body–think…..

Grand Canyon! The universe!



A short video:

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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! What an awesome visualization! I will be more conscious about how I begin my day with God from now on! Praise God for that illumination of HIS love!


    1. Sarah,
      I love, love, love the word illumination–may we visualize being illuminated, like Moses’ face, when he spent time with God. The glory of His love upon you and in you.


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