Patience without Despair

Love is patient…

I loved this quote! You’ll see the website I retrieved it from directly on the quote picture.

What does that look like?

It’s probably the greatest gift you can give. Patience with our children, spouse, and a troubled friendship can sometimes be the groundwork for a deeper relationship.  When you make mistakes or errors of judgment, don’t you feel overwhelmed when patience is offered?  Patience for you to work through the problem and time to heal?

I remember years ago when Parish and I studied and facilitated Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.  His wife shared how God spoke to her heart about a prodigal son.  She stopped arguing with him.  If he said something ridiculous or out of the family norm, she would look at him and say, “I love you”, and walk away.  Nothing sarcastic.  No arguing.  She prayed and patiently waited for his redemption.  Redemption came years later.  Patience.

Sharon Thomas from Established Footsteps shared how she prayed for 3 years for God to give her a passion for His Word.  She faithfully read the Bible and served in the church but God did not answer her prayer until 3 years later.  Patience.

In the waiting, don’t despair!  God does not call us to fake happiness.  If depression has a grip on you–seek professional help.  Beyond that, we have choices.  Seek a thankful heart, gratitude, the beauty in the waiting, and create experiences that bring you peace and joy.

Love is always hopeful……(I Corinthians 13:7)


Lord today give me patience and a quiet tongue.  Lord give me a prayerful heart and joy in the journey.


What can you do today to bring beauty into your life that is free? Refuse to speak gossip and encourage more?   Can you have purposeful intent to hold your child’s hand and kiss each dimpled knuckle?  Can you color a picture or paint? Take a walk and speak out blessings in your life?  Write a letter to a friend?  The choice is yours….

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.  James 1:4

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