Not obligated and melting up!

I’ve been listening and studying the messages of Sharon Thomas from Established Footsteps.  Romans 8 and Psalm 27 go great together!  At least after studying those two messages with her I found a pattern of glorious triumph in my personal life.

I am not obligated to my feelings and emotions.

The Lord is my light and my salvation.

Not to sound overly simplistic because it’s really been a culminating work–despair has been a word that God highlighted in my life this summer.  Certainly depression can be characterized as feelings of despair, but I’d like to share how despair can walk with you even if you are the most positive person alive.  It sounds impossible but after further investigation, I realized how I invited despair into my life.  It’s subtle things like worry, bitterness, panic over things we can’t control, wanting everything and everyone to be perfect, and a deep questioning over the state of our world.

What’s tricky is the fact we have memories that surface, we have our present state in which “things” happen, and as humans we ponder our future.  The enemy often whispers in our minds the past, loves to point out all the things going wrong in the moment, and tries to convince us that our future is bleak.  It’s his job.  The Bible says he comes to kill, steal, and destroy and that he is the father of lies.  So, why do we listen?

I’ve tried very hard to eliminate negativity in my life.  It doesn’t work.  What works is knowing that I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO THE NEGATIVITY.  So, it’s there–a memory, a present happening, a future thought–but I choose how I will dance with the thoughts.  Will I embrace and be consumed?  Honestly, sometimes we are consumed because we are human but God says “come unto me” and “I am your light and salvation”.

Sharon shared in her Psalm 27 lesson to “melt up to God”.  At my most despairing moment, I remember physically wanting to melt into the bed like a Popsicle on a hot day.  It was so good to hear a positive and life changing visual –to melt up to Jesus–my light.009

I think a miracle happened in my mind.  I truly can not control anyone’s thoughts and life but my own, and Jesus is my one and only light–He alone can change me if I’m willing to work.

I’ll close with a beautiful magazine called The Bible: 50 Ways It Can Change Your Life.  Amazon does not have any more copies but if you click on the title you will see the magazine.  You can purchase from Martin’s Grocery store. I noticed on my magazine it said display until 9/20/2013!  Limited edition?  I might go get some more for gifts–it’s a beautiful magazine.

Number 2’s title was “Leave No Room for Despair”

“A loving approach to life leaves no room for despair.  We have the choice between remaining in our grief or unhappiness and moving on–finding something else to look forward to, celebrate, or experience.”  I Corinthians 13:7 says “Love is always hopeful.”

I’m not perfect.  Pain and suffering will always exist.  My marriage is a beautiful growing experience filled with joy and mistakes.  My job is hard.  Despair whispers at my heart.

Jesus sings beautifully to our souls:

“I am your light and salvation!  Melt up to me!  Look around you at the joy, beauty, and glorious works of My hands.  Fear no man, circumstance, or the plight of the world–I have overcome the world! Rest in me.”010 001

It’s good to get paints out and play! I loved concentrating on this verse by painting the message from the magazine!

Below is the link to the Psalm 27 study!  I pray you can find time to listen and be blessed!  She has an audio study and a print out MORE Bible study (look to the right after clicking on the link).  If you ever need a speaker she is local and very powerful speaker–speaks the Word of God and humbly shares her life experiences.  She did an amazing Mother/Daughter Event for us!

Established Footsteps

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