God, Ernest, and Antiques Roadshow

A man named Ernest Loganbill found himself on the Antiques Roadshow.  I was watching his story from an old show on Netflix.  My heart has been aching for the true knowledge of God’s Word.  God has given me so much confirmation in this area through Bible Studies, sermons, and friends.  His Word is truth!  I never really thought He would confirm this Truth on the Antiques Roadshow!

Ernest, a common man, felt led to carve Mother Teresa a cane.  He abandoned the thought finding it presumptuous on his part to carve something for her.  He went on a trip and took a plane ride with a missionary who began to share how his greatest  moments were transporting Mother Teresa.  Ernest shared how time stood still and all he could hear was the voice inside of him–carve the cane for her.

He was obedient.  Below is a note from Mother Teresa 8 months before her death.  I pray you can find the meaning in this story–so much there.  Her work, her letter, Ernest’s obedience, God using a common man to bless one of His servants, and little me in Chester feeling overwhelmed.  Read her letter and ask–Is God’s Word carved in my heart and mind?  Do I know the Joy of the Risen Christ?  Am I a true witness?  Not of works, but what He has done for me?  Do I shine with His love for me because I truly believe He loves me.  And, do I love Him back so much that I spend time in His Word getting to know Him.   I typed the letter from the show exactly how she wrote it.  So precious.  I loved that she switched her old typewriter to ALL CAPS and said GOD BLESS YOU.

The Letter:

Thank you very much for the walking stick, so beautifully carved.  My gratitude is my prayer for you, that you may allow by God’s grace to carve Word of God on your soul, on your mind, so that you may become more and more like Him–Jesus the Word made Flesh who loved us unto the very limit of Love–The Cross.  May the Joy of the Risen Christ be always with you a true witness of His Father’s love to the world.


M. Teresa, 

On the back of the card:

See!  I will not forget you…I have carved you on the palm of My hand…I have called you by your name…You are mine…You are precious to Me…I love you.  Isaiah

Picture on the back of the card

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  1. Laurie says:

    That was beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


    1. God is good to confirm His Word in us through all things! AMEN!


  2. I was just watching this episode of Antiques a few nights ago and was so gripped by the flipside picture on the note from Mother Teresa. Today I did a Google search to find the picture again and find your blog post. Praise the Lord that He confirmed to you that His Word is TRUE, He is real and all you need. May you continue to walk in obedience and may your faithfulness blossom as He continues to write His word on your heart.


    1. Lori,
      I pray you get this message back! You will never understand the depths of comfort your comment brought to me and my family. I was sitting with my husband after a funeral of a dear friend. I was questioning things and feeling overwhelmed with the need to be comforted by the Spirit. I picked up my phone and found this comment waiting for us. Not only did the Spirit confirm His work through you, but I was also reminded of His Truth. YES! He is real and all you need. Lord, Jesus, may we continue to walk in obedience and may your faithfulness blossom as he continues to write His Word on your heart! AMEN!


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