Against all hope

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him,

It took 25 years before the promise of Isaac came to pass.

God’s promises  are always on time even when it seems forever in our time, or against all hope .

As the message continued on Sunday, I found myself highlighting the words below and thinking:

Against all hope, ___________(insert your name), in hope believed and so became _________________________________ just as it had been said (by God!) to _______________(insert your name).

What has God promised? What are you hoping for because He has said…

Against all hope, in hope believe!

I would love to hear from you–What’s your hope? Your God size dream? A promise of God you are clinging to?

I know a few of your dreams!  You’ve shared them with me.  I’ve seen God work in your life, and I am amazed!

Be patient…

His work leading you to the dream is all worth it and counts.  Every set back, movement forward, conflict, and struggle is part of the promise.  He is with you.

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    1. Your God size dreams are coming true!


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