Stop asking “Why?” and ask “What?”

I sat in a message yesterday that every line answered overwhelming questions in my soul.  I wasn’t going to go to church because of a busy weekend of class, chores, and other ministries.  A precious friend from my program messaged me and asked if she could come and worship.  AH!  Okay, God–

There we were worshiping together being fed and filled up on a message about worry and not giving up.

One small but profound point was from the story of Jonah.  Remember him?  He ran from God, ended up in the belly of a whale, got back on track and delivered a powerful message to a town who needed God’s love.  Jonah obeyed because he had figured out the outcome in his mind.

If I do this for God, then He will do that.

When the town repented and God showed mercy, Jonah got an attitude.  He complained, whined, and asked God–“Why?”  Because of this, Jonah was bitter and miserable.

How often do we figure out the outcome FOR God, and when things don’t work out like we had hoped, we spend a lifetime pouting or on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  When things are great–I’m great.  When things are bad–I’m mad.

I had spent the last two days asking God, “Why?” about some things that were obviously a struggle, an obstacle,  a challenge.  I’ll admit that I was in some serious pouting in my soul but on the outside acting like all was well.  God knows the inside–let Him work!

I find myself today challenged to stop asking “Why?” when it gets hard and start asking God–“What do you want to teach me Lord?”  “What Glory will be revealed in this situation, Lord?”

Why keeps us confused, judgmental, depressed, angry, and worried………………

Trust God to reveal one miracle after another and start asking, “What?!”

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  1. Jodi says:

    I read this when you first sent it and then God revealed it again this morning. Exactly what I needed today. Sometimes He answers right away, sometimes He answers a little bit later!


    1. YES! The older we become the more we realize how God builds on circumstances, information learned, experiences….it’s a journey with Him revealing things a long the way….


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