Make your birthday a gratitude day!

What an amazing birthday!  Last year I started a personal tradition of being purposefully grateful on my birthday–taking pictures and really concentrating on all the blessings in my life.

At dinner, my mom shared something I did not know.  She had a C-section so she could schedule my birthday.  She wanted me to be born on my dad’s birthday which is today–October 23.  However, that year his birthday was on a Saturday!  So, I came real close to sharing my dad’s birthday.

I know these things sound “small” or insignificant but as you age you truly count the small things (which are in the end not small at all) as so meaningful.

So here is my video of my day!  Thank you to everyone who gave of their time to text me, Facebook message me, and share gifts–what a lovely day.

The song I’m singing was done at the beach.  I had to whisper sing as to not wake up the family!  It plays over and over.  After the first go ’round feel free to click the mute button, or click it up front!  I love that song.  This day is very special and fragile–count it all joy and soak up His love!

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  1. Trish Boland says:

    What a great way to document your birthday! I’ll have to add “very creative” to your list of talents!


    1. Being creative comes from a heart of gratitude! Thank you Trish!


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