Jesus-a friend for the journey


Jesus’ life was so public and controversial.  He was picked apart and pursued.  Leaders called Him the prince of demons, pressured Him to perform miracles to prove His worthiness, and announced He was “worthy of death”.

Can you imagine this taunting and having to overcome day after day?  Your total existence was adversarial?

Scholars highlight Jesus’ friend Lazarus.  He was a friend to Jesus.  He was someone who would “be there for Him, take the time to care, and care enough to listen” (p.20).

Life as a Christian is filled with subtle and, sometimes, blatant persecution.  Jesus understands.  Oh, how we need friends for this journey who will be there, take time to care, and care enough to listen without judgment.

Are you this friend for someone who is walking in Faith?  Do you have a friend like Lazarus?

The smallest verse in the Bible is “Jesus wept.”  He wept when His friend Lazarus died.  Out of his passionate friendship and the will of God, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

Jesus is our ultimate perfect friend.  He has the power to raise us from the deadness of sin, apathy, depression, or loneliness.  “A friend loves at all times” says Proverbs–that true friend is Jesus.

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