Share your life changing moment: It has the power to change others

With a touch of a button, we can change temperature, lighting, and order out for food.  As I sat across from my sweet friend, she shared her soul work.  She read my post on Project Rescue–a resource for women and children living in the brothels of India.  Her heritage is from India.

She wanted so much to convey the culture and struggles of India to me as we pondered a future trip to her beloved country to serve.

As Americans we have everything at our finger tips.  Stop and truly think on this statement.  Fresh water from the tap, hot water for a shower, 24 hour medical facilities on every corner, drug stores to match, temperature control……

Do we truly know suffering?  Loss, poor health, shame, and many other circumstances are universal; yet, my friend described suffering in India as something far deeper.  So deep that communities have accepted it as a way of life.  Her soul spoke to me about being in a city of India–a traffic jam–in which a man barely clothed and near death was weaving in and out of traffic begging for food.  If there was a more descriptive term for begging, she described this man as beyond desperate and full of suffering.  God caused her heart to break, weep, and at the same time be grateful for His mercy toward her and her family –for they are truly blessed, she conveyed.  It was life changing for her.

After meeting with her and attending staff meeting, we closed with a coworker reading a quote and sharing how powerful it is to be grateful.  When you concentrate on being grateful the negative seems smaller or more manageable, and in some cases, perhaps, is totally negated.

I know God is calling me out of my comfort zone. He calls all of us out of “us”.  I am not ready mentally or physically to serve in the capacity He is calling, but it’s so powerful–the call–that I know He is going to work on making me a warrior for Him. If He could take this highly, emotionally charged person and turn that passion into service with no fear– a miracle would happen.

God’s Word shares that “The Kingdom of God is in YOU.”  His entire Kingdom work is in YOU–can you imagine if we grasped that concept to the fullest and dared to do things way beyond ourselves and fears?

There would have to be a movement beyond our instant gratification mode of operation.  If the smallest of inconveniences thwart us, how can we be bold and fearless to face suffering and serve? If petty things at the office consume us and take up energy, how can God use us to move mountains?  The petty, the negative, the inconveniences are a given–always there.  Will we spend a lifetime rolling around in it, or step outside of it, and with God’s grace, power, and mercy use it for change and movement?

God is redeeming, working, and calling…………………..

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