His pageantry

Every step, every lash, every nail and sword–Jesus took upon Himself suffering and sin.

More personally–He took my suffering and sin.

Once upon a time, I competed in pageants. My first pageant, I was a guest sitting in the audience, and I was thrilled to see, of all the girls, one was chosen, crowned, and honored.  Could I win one day?  After much investment and support from my parents and family, hard work, and a desire to be chosen, I won.

This pursuit taught me many things about myself, life, and, as I reflect back on this season in life, I realize how spiritually empty a human crown can be.  I still have this crown.  It’s made it through many moves and seasons–over 25 years.

I recently shared my testimony with a group of young ladies.  They were enthralled by the beautiful crown!  That same week at church we were singing a worship song about Jesus’ crown of thorns.  Oh how I worshiped!  He spoke to my soul.

“Anna every thorn that pierced through my skin was my glory and love poured forth into every situation in which you felt rejected, abused, shamed, or felt that you failed. This crown of glory and suffering was for you.”

We have come to share the story of Christ through–“The Pageant of the Lord”.  Many churches display art, drama, and messages describing His life story as a pageant.


1. An elaborate public dramatic presentation that usually depicts a historical or traditional event.
2. A spectacular procession or celebration.
I’m reminded today of what Jesus did for us!  His spectacular work, procession, and crown of thorns is my celebration!
Jesus, thank you….thank you……words can’t describe our gratitude and awe of what you’ve done for us.
May all our earthly pursuits pale in comparison to what You have done for us.  May we never feel alone in our journey–You suffered so that we would have life abundantly.

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