Being outlandish for Him…

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart. Jeremiah 1:5

God if You knew me even before You formed me in my mother’s womb then You must know me in all my seasons of life!  You were there, are there, and will be there.  Your presence in my life is incomprehensible but at the same time so obvious.

Our family was talking about kidney transplants last night which got all of us thinking about the miraculous body. Only a powerful, loving God could make the complexity of a kidney, heart, and brain–putting them all together to create a human being with a soul.

With this complexity in mind isn’t it also obvious that He has placed you here to do great things–set you apart?  God has placed amazing gifts in each person and each person is different, so that His work can get done through us as a team.

Do we believe in the power of God within us?  Our Creator declaring His glory in our lives?

Awhile back I visible saw God’s power in His creation in a couple who are missionaries to India.  They serve in rescuing women and children from brothels.  God’s amazing power!  Their testimony gave me strength to examine my life and ask what God’s power and love could do through me.  It starts with taking risks.

I felt an overwhelming urge to pray for my friend Angel at church.  We were in the midst of prayer as a body of believers.God spoke to my heart–“Call her on your phone and take your cell phone up to the front and get a prayer counselor to pray for her–stand in the gap for her.”  I had less than a second of worry that folks would be annoyed, but God reminded me that He was in the business of risk, outlandish, and ridiculous.  He is not a lazy, “do it the same way” kind of God.

Angel reminds me of Job’s story.  It’s one thing to deal with a disabling illness that impacts every realm of your life but when work, family, and other issues are piled on top of a weak body, it’s normal to question.

Last night I received this text from her:

The prayer the person said over your phone on Sunday was so similar to one that a friend had prayed over me only a couple of days earlier.  It was so suddenly taken away that I looked down and said, “Wow! I can see my ankles and my knees”.  I went in and stuck my feet in front of my mom and said, “Hey look at this!”  She just lifted her hands and said, “Praise You Jesus! Thank you Jesus.”  It was truly remarkable.

If God knew you before you even got here, He will carry you through it all. He has set you apart to tell of His story in your life.  Go and tell!  Take risks and do the outlandish!

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  1. Angel Tolley says:

    I’m so incredibly thankful that Anna wasn’t afraid to be outlandish for Him. She did literally stand in the gap for me. She gave the phone to that prayer counselor who told me just to close my eyes, relax, and receive God’s healing. I had been to so many doctors trying to figure out why I was so swollen. I had been in the hospital twice, but no one could help me. This had been going on for weeks and there was so much excess fluid in my body that it was hard to walk and even hard to breathe. I felt hopeless. It wasn’t until Monday when I got home from work and took off my shoes (expecting to see my huge ankles and lower legs) that I realized that I wasn’t swollen at all. That’s when I showed my mom who promptly reminded me to give thanks for answered prayer. I don’t know who prayed for me. I have never met this person, but I am thankful to Anna and thankful to her for listening to God’s prompting and not being afraid to be outlandish for Him.


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