Powerful suggestions for long-term counseling

I have not written in this portion of my blog in a while.  This is for my L.C.S.W. folks!  Or, if you are currently in counseling, consider sharing this with your therapist to see if it’s right for you.  Everyone must examine where they are in therapy and honestly ask if these suggestions match your current goals.

In counseling, when you are working on trauma and healing, you can only stay in that part of your brain for so long. It’s not healthy to linger there, but in healing it’s natural for triggers and memories to be ever-present.  Get to the intellectual part of your brain.  If you can encourage your client to seek out taking a class which requires more analyzing of data and facts it naturally provides a pathway out of the trauma storage.  We recognize exercise and hobbies yet seldom think of maybe taking a college course of interest.  In doing so you not only operate in the more analytical and logical, but you just might empower yourself to advance in your career or a new career! 

Secondly, take a break from counseling at just the right time.  When you’ve come to a place to practice and go forth–do that!  Take a break from processing and practice. Keep a journal, or be thoughtful.  Set a time to go back to your counselor.  During this time talk about your successes.  This will empower the client!

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