Thank Offerings

While I was still in prison in the courtyard, the Lord’s message came to me again.  The Lord, who made the earth, who formed it and set it in place, spoke to me. He whose name is the Lord said, “Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about. …. I will heal this city and its people and restore them to health. I will show them abundant peace and security……… There will be shouts of gladness and joy and the happy sounds of wedding feasts. You will hear people sing as they bring thank offerings to my Temple; they will say give thanks to the Lord Almighty, because he is good and his love is eternal. I will make this land as prosperous as it was before. I, the Lord, have spoken.” (Jeremiah 33)

I find it strikingly amazing that God would speak to His servant in prison!  Jeremiah’s ears were open and his heart prepared to receive a message from the God who made the earth and formed it, and set it in place.

Call to Him!  Reach out to God, and He will show you things which you know nothing about!  Perhaps things that keep you from a life of joy, peace, and thanksgiving. Today, on Thanksgiving, bring a thank offering to Him–bring yourself.

Offer your life, your heart, and your soul to the One who will deeply satisfy, is eternally good, and offers perfect love –eternal love.

“Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.”  C. S. Lewis

For today, forget troubled relationships, financial stress, health issues, unresolved circumstances.  We are not our emotions or our circumstances.  Let them be without fixing or judging, or guilt.  God’s Word shares that the grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord is eternal.  Today, rejoice in the knowledge of the only thing that will remain is Jesus and His love for you.

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