Christmas Wreath Making as a Family

The Christmas wreath symbolizes the crown of thorns our Savior wore–a symbol of His glory in suffering for us to receive eternal hope and peace.  The evergreens used is the symbol of eternal life through Christ.  Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed for us so that our sins are remembered no more.  The history of placing the wreath on the door was embedded in a belief that the circle of evergreens was the promise and victory of making it through the long winter months ahead.  Personalizing your wreath with items from your home and yard made the wreath personal.  It identified your home much like the street number we place on our homes to identify “this is our home”.

Enjoy the bountiful symbolism this Christmas that points to Christ, our Savior.  Explore your home and yard and make a wreath together as a family. Talk about the items you’ve selected and why they represent your family, your values, hobbies, and passions.

Remember to talk about the reason for Jesus coming to earth on Christmas day–to give us eternal life.

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