Dancing with daddy…

Our local elementary school has an annual Father/Daughter dance.  It’s a time for little girls to get dressed up, wear a pretty corsage, and be loved on by their daddy.  My husband shared insight from the experience that was timely considering our discussions on the father’s role in the home.  He shared how present he was in the moment with his daughter.  You might not know the cupid shuffle or get down with the wobble, but your daughter is in front of you desiring to dance with her daddy. It’s a moving experience to rid yourself of your uncomfortable thoughts and be present in joy with your daughter.  Think of your most pleasurable moments or hobbies–is it not true, the greatest joy is to share that experience with someone you trust and adore? 024

Our daughters need to feel they are worth it, belong, and you would do most anything to show your affection towards them. God has placed within a woman a hormone called oxytocin that releases into her body when she feels a sense of connection and bonding.  The hormone is there to prepare her for the joy of marriage and childbirth.  When she rocks and nurses her baby, this hormone is released to provide bonding–a vital attachment.  A daddy can be the very one to nurture this healthy attachment so she does not seek the world’s definition of love, bonding, or acceptance.

My husband was deeply touched when his daughter returned to dance with him out of her choice.  She told her daddy that the other girls were asking her to dance but she boldly reminded them–“I’m here to dance with my daddy.”

I shared some pictures with friends.  A young man who has the most precious daughter proclaimed that he could not wait to do things like that with his one year old daughter! YES! It’s already in his heart and actions to adore her. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.

Daddy–will you dance with her?  How can you display your affection and love to your daughter that builds a loving memory and shows your heartfelt desire to nurture and protect her?


This song was written by Steven Curtis Chapman for his daughter who passed away at an early age from a tragic accident.  His testimony is all about how important it is to dance with them while you have them….

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