God will lift you up and restore

Psalm 113: 7-8 “He lifts the poor from the dirt and the needy from the garbage dump.  He sets them among princes, even the princes of his own people!”

A local church is headed back to Guatemala to minister to children and families.  One of the ministries is working with children who live at “the dump”.  They feed them, provide basic needs, and wash their feet and provide shoes.

This same church provided Thanksgiving meals to their local town and took the leftovers to the neighborhoods that were impoverished.  They boldly knocked on doors and inquired if the family wanted or needed food.  One woman was literally praying that God would show her a sign that He was listening to her cry.  The knock came shortly after with food for her children.

One of my Woman of Worth girls shared that they randomly felt led to bring clothesline rope on a mission trip.  They shoved it in their suitcase trusting God to show them who needed it.  Thousands of miles a way a woman who works hard to provide for her family needed that rope to display her items to sell.  God connected them at just the right time and place.

God provides.

After an incident, I was overwhelmed, like most moms get from time to time, with thoughts of “Am I a good parent?”  The self check and memories of moments you did not win “Mother of the Year” was weighing on my mind.  At work, I completed a social history in which the mother and I talked about our daughters and the importance of their self-esteem and worth. Thought after thought invaded my mind.  I received a text from my teenage daughter while I was late at a meeting.  She said, “I’m making you something!”  This alone was precious to me.  For my daughter, on exam week, to take the time to make something for me was a hug from God.  What was even more confirmation that God was hugging me through the love of my daughter was what she made:


Remember this was my 15-year-old.  Fiercely independent and practical.  She is truly amazing!  God’s timing is perfect, and He uses us to fulfill His purposes.

My simple request was honored by God.  We serve a God who answers the prayers of those who cry out to Him. He does not discount the smallest of prayers, or forget those who are in despairing circumstances.  He uses the heart, hands, and feet of His children to answer prayers.

  • Maybe you are preparing to go on a mission trip.  Look for those moments that God will use you to do His work and notice them–write them down.
  • Who in your day-to-day activities could use a Word, a note, a phone call of encouragement?  Ask God to show you who and when.
  • Are you in need of encouragement?  Seek the Lord and be prepared for Him to answer!

Jeremiah 33:3

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

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