God IS “sure enough”

I am back at the top of this post adding the “last chapter” of the book!  God answers prayers! Miracles happen! God spoke the verse “A cord of three strands….” into my marriage AFTER He gave the verse to us as a couple earlier that morning.  He chose to orchestrate an entire day filled with confirmation and emphasis on His leading. Quoting my spiritual sister, Melinda, “God IS sure enough!” I hope you will read on…….

Believe that God Can Move Mountains!

It’s incomprehensible that Jesus can be so specific to our needs.  We thank God for shelter and food but does God answer soul prayers?

Yesterday, my husband and I began the morning writing a post on this blog entitled, “A cord of three strands” and talked about the importance of God in our marriage.  We hurried to the grocery store to find a beautiful statue of Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus.  IMG_0308Our thoughts had centered around the truth that we, too, have Jesus as a couple, and how will we, as a couple, show this love to others?

Several hours later our family was worshiping and listening to Pastor Stan at Cloverhill Assembly of God.  I’ve sung Ten Thousand Reasons a million times but the lines seemed sweeter.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, O, my soul.  Worship His Holy name.  Sing like never before. O my soul. I’ll worship Your holy name.

Your rich in love, and You’re slow to anger. Your name is great, and Your heart is kind.  For all Your goodness I will keep on singing. Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.

The message was about relinquishing, once and for all,  things, relationships, emotions, or addictions that control you.  Prior to the message, a little girl was baptized.  As she was coming out of the water, her hands were raised to offer praise to Her King.  At such a young age, she was bold, deliberate, and uninhibited.  During worship, a woman came forward to share her testimony, impromptu.  She proclaimed the healing power over her marriage and the deliverance of a five-year battle with her husband’s alcoholism.  Can we be bold about change and the power of Jesus?

In the message, he shared the steps to losing control and how to heal.

The steps to losing control

The sin becomes your identity. You describe yourself in relation to your habit. I’m ____________.

The enemy, whose job it is to accuse, convinces you, that you are that sin. He condemns you through your thought world which ultimately becomes your actions, or how you view the world around you.

You begin to rationalize the sin to cope. “Everyone else is doing it.”  “I’m not really hurting anyone.”

You isolate yourself because going to church is uncomfortable and “everyone is judging me” there.

In your isolation, you give over completely to your sin and feel there is no hope. You are completely entangled and can’t see a way out.

The steps to gaining control and change

Get rid of excuses.  We have so many excuses that support or rationalize our behaviors, addictions, or lifestyle that goes against God’s Word, or best for us.  Jesus has called you to something more than your excuses.  One excuse is how busy we are and not having the time to put God first by being in a body of believers faithfully, reading His Word, and prayer.  Make 2014 different.  I was sitting in church fighting against “the rolling list” in my mind of things to do.  No sooner was I struggling that the pastor shared the “what next” syndrome.  We need to discipline our minds to be still and  worship the Lord without distractions.

Take the next step. Perhaps it’s your first step to follow Jesus and make Him Lord of your life.  Whatever it is you need to do to conquer the “thing” controlling you, do it!  He challenged singles to sever ties in which they knew God was calling them out of a relationship in which they were unequally yoked.  Maybe your next step is fasting and praying to draw closer to God.  Jesus told his disciples that some things can only be handled through prayer and fasting.

Make the break.  Stop excuses and be radical. Just as David killed Goliath but radically took it one step further to sever the head of the enemy–make sure you destroy and get rid of what’s drawing you away from Jesus, a healthy life, or your marriage.  Don’t play around.  Make the break.

Fill the void.  Once you are emptied, replace with Jesus.  His love is enough.  When you feel tempted, believe that He is enough to fill your void. Fill yourself with worship, His Word, and prayer.

God confirmed in the message the verse my husband and I shared that morning!

The pastor led us to Ecclesiastes 4: 12!  My husband and I smiled–only God could do this!

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

  • If you are married, consider beginning the new year with a fresh look at the covenant relationship God has given you.  Do a Bible study together.  A great place to start is the book The Language of Love and Respect by Eggerichs, or visiting your local Christian bookstore, or popular bookstore in the area, and find the Christian marriage section.  Choose one together. Make sure you are involved in a local body of believers to nurture your marriage.
  • Is there something you need to get rid of in order to put Jesus first and your marriage a priority?  Are you a cord of three strands–God, you, and your spouse?
  • Perhaps fasting and praying will be the answer to draw you closer to Him. Consider beginning the New Year with a purposeful time of prayer and fasting. This time is not to beg God for answers but to draw close to Him and listen.
  • If you are yoked with an unbeliever, then begin seeking God to heal and restore your marriage through a purposed fasting and praying.  The woman in the service prayed for five years.  Have faith and believe that, in time, God will answer.
  • If you are single, put God first and be yoked with believers to hold you accountable. If you are in a relationship that is drawing you away from God instead of building you up, sever that tie and fill the void with Jesus.

Trust and believe that GOD IS SURE ENOUGH!

Sure enough defined: Glory!
1. Impossible to doubt or dispute; certain.
2. Not hesitating or wavering; firm: sure convictions.
3. Confident, as of something awaited or expected: sure of ultimate victory.

a. Bound to come about or happen; inevitable
b. Having one’s course directed; destined or bound: sure to succeed.
5. Certain not to miss or err; steady: a sure hand on the throttle.

a. Worthy of being trusted or depended on; reliable.

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  1. Keith and I tied a cord of three strands during our wedding ceremony and his sister read the verse while we tied the beautiful purple, gold and white cords.


    1. What beautiful symbolism and a testament to your marriage!


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